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Nick Waterhouse - This is a Game


If like me you’re lucky enough to have awoken to a sunshine sky like the one Noah’s weary eyes first chanced upon after the storms of a vengeful God cleared away, then like me you will be craving a little lift from Far Out’s Track Of The Day. Well we won’t disappoint, because we have Neo-soul Nick Waterhouse here to blow away the cobwebs of January and welcome a furious and feisty February with his new single This Is A Game. 

The track is the lead single from the forthcoming album Holly which will be released on 4th March by Innovative Leisure. Produced by Nick himself and Kevin Augunus the LP features covers and originals as well as some collaborations including the alluring Ty Segall; the album screams of the stylistic nuance that sets Nick apart.

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Dressed in a pin prick sharp suit with the stench of whiskey and water permeating the screen, we watch Waterhouse do not only what he is good at but what he truly loves. That simple love is what allows him to move freely and unashamedly with a style and genre that is considered somewhat untouchable over the Atlantic. His splicing of big band horns and doo-wop vocals are beautifully blended with his California surf rock soul.

This concoction is delivered in a sweet and sour tone with deep and dark lead vocals, sultry riffs and a powerful rhythm strong enough to make the feet move of the young and the old, the dull and the hip – pretty much anyone who listens to it. When we reviewed Waterhouse’s 2012 Time’s All Gone we described him as ‘the real McCoy’, he’s that and more now, as he continues to add layer upon layer of dripping Americana to an otherwise dreary dancefloor.


Jack Whatley