Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Give Us A Kiss


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds release two previously unavailable tracks: Give Us A Kiss and Jubilee Street (live from The Sydney Opera House). The songs from the award-winning feature 20,000 Days On Earth will be available digitally from 4th September with a limited edition vinyl 10” to be released on November 10th.

The film’s directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard spoke of the impact the band and their music has had on them and their debut feature 20,000 Day On Earth since shooting Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live at Sydney Opera house on their 2013 Push The Sky Away tour, they said:

“‘Jubilee Street’ forced its way into our film. We’d planned to end with ‘Push The Sky Away’ and it’s pertinent lyrics about rock ‘n’ roll getting you right down to your soul; but after the band played ‘Jubilee Street’ at Sydney Opera House we didn’t stand a chance. Only four songs in and there was Nick, transforming in front of us. Our lives haven’t been the same since.”

Far Out were lucky enough to attend the premier of The film at London’s Somerset House last month, a film that constructs a narrative and cinematic reality that seamlessly blends performance and storytelling with emotional truths with Cave only allowing you into his life at arms length as his mockumentary reveals his creative inspiration.