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Nick Cave shares advice on finding "the right path" in life


Nick Cave continues to not only be one of the rock ‘n’ roll’s snarling lead singers but also the only rock star we would ever ask for advice. It’s a service he has been providing since he started his fan forum site Red Hand Files. It is on this platform that Cave picks out questions and delivers honest and authentic responses.

The latest, the 123rd instalment, the singer answers yet another wide-reaching question with the utmost skill and veracity. Lottie from Leeds was the most recent fan with a question, asking the Aussie rocker: “How do I know I’m on the right path?” It’s exactly the kind of expansive question Cave excels with.

Naturally, Cave’s idea of ‘the right path’ is a unique one: “Look around you. If there are others all moving in the same direction, and they look like you, and they move like you, and they all like the same things, and they hate the same things, and they are angry about the same things, and they are screaming about the same things, chances are you are on the wrong path,” wrote the singer in response.

“If you turn and veer onto a different path,” he continued, before adding: “Even though these people who all think the same thoughts, and say the same things, and behave the same way, may look at you, and may scoff at you and may even threaten you, carry on — as uncertain and crooked as the path may be.”

His advice for Lottie was to “keep moving, because though this path may not be the easiest path, or even the best path, it will be the most interesting, the most instructive, even the most enlightened path.”

The singer continued: “It is your path, where you get to be who you want to be, say what you want to say, and love what you want to love — your path — and you can take much comfort from that, because you may be the one who shudders, you may be the one who spins and glows, you may be the one who shines, you may even be the one who bursts into flames, but even still, there you are and all along you go — your path, your path.”

It’s the kind of invaluable advice that one might expect from a Fairy Godmother and while we enjoy the image of Nick Cave in a tutu and a sparkly wand, we can be grateful that the star is still guiding his fans whenever he can.

You can read Nick Cave’s full response, here.