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(Credit: Bleddyn Butcher)


Nick Cave praises non-verbal teen who wrote a "thrilling" song inspired by the Bad Seeds frontman

Nick Cave has responded to a song which was inspired by the Australian icon by a non-verbal teenager — which the Bad Seeds man declared as “thrilling”.

Tyler Hartfield was born with cerebral palsy and has always been reliant on a digital voice from a computer application in order to speak on his behalf which verbalises his thoughts.

According to a report by ABC Australia, the 16-year-old Australian student sought out the help of his classmates to write ‘The One You Feed’, which Tyler has said is about “the battle inside my brain” and his relationship with his carer.

His effort has made its way to Cave who was awestruck and took time out to praise him in his latest entry of his Red Hand Files.

“This is so good. The band are great. I love the slow crawl of the song, the backing vocals coming in halfway, and everything kicking in at 3:15. Genuinely thrilling,” he said in response to a fan who had sent the track by Hartfield his way.

“And Tyler’s writing is something else. ‘The wolf who wins? The one you feed’ – is about as smart and as true as something can be, and the final verse ‘Playing on my heartstrings / You never pour your picky jealousy / Onto my growing love for you / Help me beat my way to you’ – is as good as it gets. That last line! ‘Help me beat my way to you’ Wow!,” the Bad Seeds leader applauded.

Check out the heartwarming video made by ABC Australia of Hartfield, below.