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Nick Cave hints at Grinderman reunion with new album

Nick Cave has suggested that he may be on the verge of bringing back Grinderman for a new album.

The band, formed by Cave in 2007 as a Bad Seeds side project, includes Warren Ellis, Martyn P. Casey and Jim Sclavunos. To date Grinderman have released two studio albums, the most recently coming the shape of 2010 effort Grinderman 2.

While Cave, Ellis and Casey have been busy working on new Bad Seeds material, Cave wrote to a fan on his new platform Red Hand Files to explain that the Grinderman project and the two already released albums are “part of a yet to be completed trilogy, you might be happy to know.”

In the same message, which attempts to combine the discussion around Cave’s favourite guitarists and the last time he felt an enormous sense of pride, the Bad Seeds frontman the band King Crimson and references guitarist Robert Fripp—a musician who previously collaborated with Grinderman on the extended version of the song ‘Heathen Child’ taken from the first album.

Discussing that song in particular, Cave described it as “Grinderman at their very best” before adding that working with Fripp “remains one of the seismic events of my life.”

Cave continued: “I felt as though Grinderman was laying claim to their roots. ‘Super Heathen Child’ continues to have an extraordinary hold over me, and contains within it a deep emotional pull because it is attached directly to my adolescence.

“Listening to it, I have that strange dizzying feeling a dream has when it suddenly becomes a reality; all that deep concentrated listening I did when I was a teenager manifesting itself over 40 years later in a Fripp solo that just blows the mind.”

While the last new material from Grinderman arrive in 2010, the band did briefly reunite to two major shows at the 2013 edition of Californian festival Coachella.