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Nick Cave opens up about free speech and Christianity

Nick Cave recently wrote down his thoughts about subjects such as free speech and Christianity while answering some of the questions posed by his fans during a ‘Q&A’ session on his website. Specifically, Cave chose to weigh in on two questions that dealt with the importance of free speech and the modern relevance of religion.

Cave has shared his opinions about free speech on previous occasions as well, claiming that it is important for societal growth. He wrote: “I’m not so sure free speech is a right, but it is certainly a societal or cultural attainment, something we, as a community, can use to enliven, embolden and liberate the soul of our world, provided we are fortunate enough to live in a society that allows such a thing.”

Although Cave does not believe that free speech is a fundamental right, the music icon claims that the argument for free speech is so strong because the alternative is symptomatic of oppression. He added: “I support free speech, not so much because I think it is a right, but rather because it goes some way to validate our specialness.”

Incorporating his ideas about free speech in his second answer as well, Cave claimed that the idea of Jesus is still important because he represents the courage to embrace heterodoxy even at the cost of one’s own life. The musician compared that to cancel culture and said that dangerous ideas are still persecuted in a similar way.

“It is worth remembering that,” Cave added. “I think we must be careful around our assumptions of what ideas we think are right and what ideas we think are wrong, and what we do with those ideas, because it is the terrifying idea – the shocking, offending, unique idea – that may just save the world.”

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