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(Credit: Trinity)


Nick Cave donates his socks in a bid to help independent music venue


Bad Seeds frontman Nick Cave has donated his socks in a bid to help keep a struggling music venue alive.

As part of a #SaveOurVenues auction, Christopher Perdue, the manager of Harrow music venue Trinity, is attempting to crowdsource £20,000 to help keep the establishment open.

“Trinity is part of a national initiative launched by Music Venue Trust to prevent the closure of hundreds of independent music venues,” a statement reads. “Our venue faces closure because whilst we remain closed the bills keep coming. Venues like ours run week to week in terms of cash flow. Everyone gets paid but there is very little left at the end of the week. Having already been closed now for 5 weeks the pot of money we have is coming to an end.”

Adding: “We are under immense pressure from our landlords now to cough up rent. This is our single biggest overhead. That on top of having to keep the power on (without refrigeration our cellar stock is under threat), insurance, licences as well as allow the partners some income to eat and pay their bills things are getting tricky to say the least.”

A friend of venue manager Perdue, who is a huge fan of Nick Cave, reached out to the Bad Seeds frontman in an attempt to gain some exposure and a donation worthy prize. Cave, responding in a typically creative fashion, designed a piece of art around his socks: “This pair of sparkly socks officially belong to Nick Cave and are worth a fucking fortune,” an inscription reads on a piece of hand-drawn artwork.

Donate to save Trinity, here, and see the information about Cave’s socks, below.