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Nick Cave and Iggy Pop collaborate… on new PETA Ad


If I said to you that Nick Cave and Iggy Pop had collaborated, I imagine your heart rate would rise to a rapid fire snare, if I said it was on an animation you’/d be forgiven for thinking of Tim Burton with an added fury, but if I said they have collaborated on an animated ad for PETA – you’d probably shit the bed.

Regardless of their somewhat distaste for the human race both Pop and Cave are big advocates of animal rights and PETA is a champion of the cause. It maybe isn’t so much of a shock then that Pop and Cave got together on this brilliant ad. Cave soundtracks the ad, sharing his wistful and jaunty ‘Breathless’, while Pop does what Pop does best and stars in the video.

A shirtless animated Iggy Pop foiling hunter’s traps and saving a tortoise in the middle of the road, has got to be one of the best things you’ll see this week. Until the big reveal that it was all the dream of Iggy’s dog and they share a bit of love.

Nick Cave and Iggy Pop with dogs. Honestly, find something better to watch. We’ll wait.