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(Credit: Tin Angel Records)


Nicholas Krgovich shares new cover of ‘Bedlam’

Nicholas Krgovich - 'Bedlam'

The seasoned Canadian songwriter Nicholas Krgovich has shared his cover of fellow Canadian Veda Hille’s ‘Bedlam’, the first taste from his upcoming tribute LP This Spring: Songs by Veda Hille.

The slow-burning, saxophone blowing tune is about as intimate a portrait of inaction and sedentary movements as they come. When it comes to embracing the things, or people, that you love, “If you do nothing/it means nothing”, as the song’s refrain contends.

Krgovich’s relationship with the song is nearly two decades in the making. “I first heard Veda Hille’s song Bedlam in 2002,” the musician says. “I would have been 19 or 20. I was a young person with ‘wild feelings’ but I didn’t know what to do with them back then so I mostly did nothing. I was pretty guarded and unsure and intimidated by a lot of life at the time. I think that’s why this song always rattled me a bit – the whole lyrical refrain of ‘if you do nothing, it means nothing’ felt like I was getting this sage advice plopped on my lap and I willfully ignored it, mainly out of fear. Veda’s basically saying ‘feelings are great but action plus feelings is better’. I have to agree, but everything in its own time I guess.”

To celebrate the album’s release, Krgovich and Hille will be performing a livestream of each other’s music from The Clutch in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 21st. Tickets to that show can be found here.

Speaking of the song’s video, Krgovich adds: “Most of my crippling inaction back then was rooted in not taking a chance on love stuff. Now flash forward a million years later and I’m this old man crooning into a microphone that’s not plugged in, against a cityscape highly inspired by Melanie Griffith’s Staten Island Ferry rides in ‘Working Girl’. The melancholy and the longing is still there from time to time but I’m no longer upside down. I just wanna sway and lip-sync and listen to Joseph Shabason work the saxophone.”

Check out the video for ‘Bedlam’ down below. This Spring: Songs by Veda Hille is set for a May 21st release date.