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Nia DaCosta is set to direct a new Ta-Nehisi Coates adaptation

Nia DaCosta has been making waves since her 2019 debut feature Little Woods which won noteworthy accolades but she received unprecedented attention last year when her latest project was released. Titled Candyman, the new remake continued the legacy of the original horror film by tackling many issues such as urban mythology and gentrification among others.

Since then, DaCosta’s career has experienced a meteoric rise and she has landed much bigger projects. According to multiple reports, it has been confirmed that DaCosta has been working on an upcoming Marvel project called The Marvels which is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023 if there are no disruptions.

In an interview with The Guardian, DaCosta said: “We should be able to make different kinds of movies, so I’m really happy I got to make The Marvels because it’s like, I genuinely can just make a movie that doesn’t have to traffic in Black pain. And I feel like a lot of black film-makers are asked to or expected to do that.”

While reflecting on her journey, the director added: “This would not be my career five years ago. I’ve been very lucky and I’ve worked really hard, and I’m really happy that I’ve had the experiences that I’ve had. Well … the good ones at least. At the same time, as well as I’m doing, this should be happening for more people who are like me.”

In addition to these projects, DaCosta is also going to be working on an adaptation of a Ta-Nehisi Coates book. Titled The Water Dancer, the book was at the very top of the New York Times Bestselling list and it is definitely going to be interesting to see how DaCosta tackles a surrealist narrative set in the South before the Civil War.

Watch the new trailer for Candyman below.