Bloc Festival Returns to Butlins, Minehead


Alas, poor old Billy Butlins would be turning in his grave as hoards of beer soaked stags and Pinot Grigio stinking hens still continue to descend upon Minehead to capitalise on the quaint hospitality the one-time go-to destination of British Holidaymakers: Butlins.

But, finally, Butlins has come to it’s senses and decided to let sweat soaked, pill-popping and vodka swilling festival-goers back to the venue instead. Bloc Festival ran at the Minehead location from 2007-2011 but then moved to the London Pleasure Gardens, which subsequently had to shut on opening night due to crowd safety issues.

It’s return for a weekend of Dance Festival madness in March 2015 has been widely welcomed and we are gearing our best dad-dancing impressions readied in anticipation.

Check out the line-up at their brand new site here

Jack Whatley