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(Credit: Bent Rej)

Newly discovered John Lennon letter disputes Yoko Ono’s role in his divorce


A newly discovered letter written by John Lennon disputes the grounds of divorce from his first wife Cynthia Powell, in 1968.

Currently up for auction, the letter, written by Lennon in 1976 and on Lennono Music letter-headed paper, si a direct response to quotes from Powell’s book A Twist of Lennon which was being published in the News of the World.

The letter was designed to tell Powell to stop running to newspapers and sharing intimate, private details of his affair with Ono: “As you and I well know, our marriage was over long before the advent of LSD or Yoko Ono…and that’s reality!” Lennon wrote.

“Your version of our first LSD trip is rather vague, and you seem to have forgotten subsequent trips altogether!” Lennon continued.

“You suddenly brought Julian to see me in Los Angeles after three years of silence,” Lennon wrote. “During this visit, you hardly allowed me to be alone with him for one moment. You even asked me to remarry you and/or give you another child, ‘for Julian’s sake’. I politely told you no, and that, anyway, I was still in love with Yoko.”

“If you are serious about it, you should try to avoid talking to and posing for magazines and newspapers!”

The letter ends with him saying: “We did have some good years, so dwell on them for a change and, as Dylan says, it was a “Simple Twist Of Fate”!”

The letters are expected to cost more than $9,000 in the auction.