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New Zealand has listed an entire abandoned village for sale

Lake Waitaki Village was a busy workplace with its own community in the 1930s. This idyllic destination surrounded by mountains made for the perfect workplace.

Sadly, as the dam became automated in the 1980s, the workers left in a bid to find new work and left the town almost deserted. With an estimated 1,400 workers building what is now New Zealand’s last built dam, the 14-hectare area

As negotiations are underway, sources have said that a refurbished main lodge, eight three-bedroom houses, nine garages, a cafe and covered water rights are up for sale for around $2.8m (£1.4m)

The listing reads: “A rare opportunity to secure an incredible mountain/lake property in proportions rarely available.” With areas for “potential tourism,” an interview with The Guardian this month the listing agent Kelli Milmine mentioned there had been “heaps of interest” with varying visions of boutique farms and a winery.

With New Zealand’s tourism booming and its wine renowned throughout the world, there is masses of potential for this little place of pleasure.

Check out this drone footage taking earlier this year: