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Watch new trailer for Michael B. Jordan film 'A Journal for Jordan'

Michael B. Jordan has enjoyed a versatile career, ranging from acclaimed television shows like The Wire to popular Marvel projects such as Fantastic Four and Black Panther. Currently, Jordan is looking to diversify his filmography further by starring in a brand new project directed by Denzel Washington called A Journal For Jordan which is a film adaptation of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dana Canedy’s eponymous memoir.

Written in 2008, the memoir recounts the passing of her fiancé who fought in the Iraq war and died there. It focuses on the journal that he left behind for their son which contained profound teachings like: “It’s not fair to judge someone by the colour of their skin, where they’re raised or their religious beliefs, he wrote. Appreciate people for who they are and learn from their differences.”

Canedy explained the decision to document all of it by claiming: “I needed to do something with my grief, after Charles died, something productive.” Although it was announced back in 2018 that Denzel Washington would direct and co-produce a film adaptation of Canedy’s work, the project is finally going to be released in December of this year. Starring Michael B. Jordan and with a script by Oscar-nominated writer Virgil Williams, A Journal for Jordan promises to be a noteworthy production.

“I’ve done a lot of physical roles, because that’s been my appetite. I’m 34; the last seven years has been (about) physically developing into your sweet spot,” Jordan said. “I felt safe to be able to go into this, to explore these characters, and to be vulnerable in that type of way… Everybody wants to work with [Washington], and he’s a very selective guy. So the fact that he wanted to work with me was a huge deal for me.”

A Journal for Jordan is set for a theatrical release in the US on 22 December before a 2022 release in the UK in January of next year. Watch the brand new trailer for A Journal For Jordan below.