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(Credit: Miramax)


New ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ sequel focuses on “old man Leatherface”


Back in 1974, the classic tale of a Leatherfaced man yielding chainsaw had audiences horrified in a way that only horror movies can strive for. Since then, there have been various incarnations of the classic story in an ever-expanding franchise.

Now, Producer Fede Alvarez has confirmed that the latest spin-off will be a direct sequel to the 1974 original. It will focus on an “old man Leatherface” years after his rampage. 

Speaking to The Boo Crew Podcast, Alvarez confirmed: “It is a direct sequel, and it is the same character. Everything is classic, old school gags,” the producer explained. “A lot of the approach that we had with Evil Dead – never VFX, to do everything on camera. It’s a very old school approach to filmmaking. Vintage lenses […] it’s very similar to the original film.”

The film stars a range of up-and-coming stars from Jessica Allain to Elsie Fisher and Moe Dunford. 

The film, now in post-production, was directed by David Blue Garcia working from a script penned by Chris Thomas Devlin. As of yet, there is no official release date, but with post-production very much underway it shouldn’t be too long before it is released.

You can catch a trailer for the original classic, below.