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(Credit: Parlophone Records)


Watch clips for new Talk Talk documentary ‘In A Silent Way’


With Talk Talk: In a Silent Way set to premiere at this year’s Doc’n Roll Film Festival in London, two new clips from the feature documentary have been released. 

The film is centred our the enigmatic group’s mysterious fourth album Spirit of Eden, which was released 30 years ago. Belgian director Gwenaël Breës digs into the record and tries to unravel its mysteries. 

While Talk Talk and Mark Hollis have had an undeniable influence on the industry and a great many artists revere them, both remain positively inscrutable from the outside looking in. This feature film aims to illuminate more light on the matter than ever before. 

Tragically, Mark Hollis passed away in 2019 making the search for answers all the more spiritual and, as a result, more complex to come by.

Breës has worked fleetingly in European film in the past, but this is his first major UK outing and he is primarily known as a writer. 

The documentary will debut on October 31st in London before embarking on a UK tour. You can find out more about how to catch the documentary at a screen near you by clicking here

You can catch the two clips from the emotional passion project below.