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(Credit: Aranxa Esteve)


New survey finds music fans care more about climate than average


According to the findings from a new study from the University of Glasgow, music fans care more about the climate and the environment than the rest of the general public. 

The study in question was titled Turn Up The Volume and was published on Monday, May 9th. It was conducted in association with Music Declares Emergency, the British Phonographic Industry, Secretly Group, and Beggars Group. 

The study polled 2,000 adults and revealed that while 72% of the general population said they were concerned about climate change, 82% of those who described themselves as music fans said the same. For the more specific data, 40% of music fans described themselves as being “very concerned” as opposed to the 31% of the general population who said the same.

Even amid all of this data, 64% of music fans still said that they were unaware of any green initiatives in the music industry. Dr. Matt Brennan said of the findings: “The project findings are exciting because they demonstrate a clear relation between engaged music fandom, increased concern about climate change, and desire for action. Music culture has a long history of playing a key role in social movements, and the evidence shows this link is still strong in the present day when it comes to the climate emergency.”

He continues, “This should send a strong message across the music industries – to record labels, concert promoters, streaming platforms, artists, and other sectors – that there is an appetite for industry initiatives to tackle climate change, and that fans support, and indeed demand, bolder action. It represents an opportunity for the music sector to play a more prominent role in accelerating a just and green transition.”

Brennan wasn’t the only one with thoughts on this, as BPI Chief Operating Officer MJ Olaore said, “Addressing climate change is the critical issue facing all of us, and, as this timely survey shows, it’s something that music fans really care about and are particularly determined to do something about. As an industry we need to harness this passion and commitment and drive lasting and meaningful long-term change as we look to decarbonise in a sustainable way.”

The music industry has committed to making many positive changes in the past, and it seems that this is yet another way that we can all devote ourselves to bettering the world and the industry around us.