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(Credit: Marie Claire Korea)


Cannes 2022: New Park Chan-Wook film confirmed for Palme d'Or

Park Chan-Wook has emerged as one of the most talented filmmakers from the new wave in South Korean cinema. Known for directing incredibly stylised thrillers such as Joint Security Area and Oldboy, Park Chan-Wook has established a widespread global audience for his art and he is set to return to Cannes this year for a new project.

According to the official confirmations, Park Chan-Wook is coming back to Cannes with a new mystery film. Titled Decision to Leave, the film envisions a world of crime, intrigue and romance by telling the story of a detective who finds himself in a tough spot. While conducting a new murder investigation, he falls in love with his prime suspect.

Although the film began the production process back in 2020, it was pushed back due to various disruptions and the director had to make a statement last year about the ambiguity of the film’s release. Thankfully, it has finally been confirmed that his film is going to compete for the highest honour at Cannes – the Palme d’Or.

In an interview, Park Chan-Wook claimed that his cinematic influences were less obsessive than his literary ones: “I’m not sure about other people, but for me, I don’t watch any movie more than once. I’m not the type of person who plays a movie, replays a scene over and over again in order to analyse how the scene was structured, how the shot was composed. I don’t do that. I don’t study film when I watch film.”

Adding, “I would like to make better films, the kind of films that will stay in people’s memory for a long time. And the kinds of films that would be screened at cinematheques time and time again, and people would revisit them on Blu-rays, and what have you. In terms of genres, I’d love to try my hand at a Western, sci-fi movie, spy movie, musical… I haven’t done any of those yet.”