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(Credit: New Order)


New Order release stunning live album 'Education, Entertainment, Recreation'


As we all strive for the glory days of witnessing a band change your entire life in front of your very eyes as they maraud across the stage and show a glint of genius, shimmers of style and utterance of universal love. It’s the very essence of what makes music beautiful and New Order, pre-pandemic, were one of the best to do it.

While it can’t quite match the goosebump-inducing joy of witnessing the band performing live, the electro pioneers have today shared their impeccable live album Education, Entertainment, Recreation which, as well as picking up from your local record store, can also be grabbed below as part of Far Out’s competition.

The album is worth it as a stream, which you can do below, but when you pick up the three LP set, you’re in for a real treat that will make your friends jealous.

The only UK show the band completed in 2018 provides the perfect backdrop for this release, as New Order take Alexandra Palaca by storm, and now, you can witness it all over again through an array of different formats.

Not only is there the CD and Blu-Ray option but, our favourite, will see you adorn your record shelves with a three LP set as well as a book and prints — all of which is part of the extraordinary limited edition release.

The setlist consists of some of New Order’s most cherished songs including ‘Temptation’, ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Regret’ and, of course, the homage to their past band Joy Division, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. Put simply, it’s one of the most comprehensive New Order experiences around.

New Order blend eras and genres without so much as a second thought and, on this particular night, the group were on sparkling form. It’s a piece of New Order iconography that will now be remembered forever.

You can find the chance to win a 3 LP set below, as well as streaming the fantastic record.