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Credit: Thesupermat


New Order’s Bernard Sumner is recovering from Covid-19

New Order frontman Bernard Sumner has revealed that is recovering at home after recently receiving a positive test result for COVID-19, confirming that his bout with the virus was only a minor health scare.

The founding father of Joy Division made the admission in a recent interview with The Current’s Morning Show where he revealed all about his recovery. Host Jill Riley opened the interview by politely asking Sumner, “How are you?”, leading to the New Order man to give a brutally honest response, “I’m good. I’m just recovering from coronavirus actually. Got it three weeks ago.” Fortunately, Sumner was one of the lucky ones and was in relatively good health with all things considered.

“My voice is a little bit gruff, but I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t get it too bad,” he then said. Even three weeks on from getting the virus, Sumner admitted that he still can’t smell anything and described himself as being “really fatigued” from the ordeal.

“I had a little bit of a temperature, but not much,” he explained. “I had it for four days, then it went away for four days, and then it came back for four days. When it came back, it was more severe, but still not too bad. I just felt extreme fatigue, like a really bad hangover. Then it went away, and I’m okay.

“But I’ve heard horror stories over here about it. A couple people who know people who’ve died from it. I’m very lucky,” he said, adding, “We got a real serious second wave here. But it seems like Russian roulette. Like, you can get light symptoms, like me, or it can kill you. It’s crazy.”

Meanwhile, a new podcast has recently been launched called Transmissions The Definitive Story. The series tracks their story from the start of Joy Division, up to the release of their 1983 single ‘Blue Monday’, and will be narrated by Maxine Peake. The series also features interviews with Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris, Gillian Gilbert, and Peter Hook alongside famous fans including Bono, Damon Albarn, Johnny Marr, Liam Gallagher, Radiohead‘s Jonny Greenwood, and more.

Check out Sumner’s interview on The Current’s Morning Show, below.