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Credit: Thesupermat


New Order album ‘Substance’ returns to streaming services


New Order’s compilation album Substance has returned online and is now available to stream across all major platforms.

The record, which was removed from streaming services five years ago, was first shared in August 1987 by Factory Records and collects all the band’s singles and at B-side tracks at that point.  

Originally, Substance was released on a medium of different mediums which included vinyl, CD and double cassette. The record signified the popularity of the band at that time as fans rushed out to purchase the release and, remarkably, it sold over one million copies and became New Order’s most popular album.

The vinyl version, split across four sides, included classic hits such as ‘Ceremony’, ‘Temptation’, ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Confusion’ and many more. Interestingly, the record was released at the same time the band non-album single ‘True Faith’ which is also featured, along with its B-side ‘1963’.

“One of the things I like about music is it’s an abstract art, totally abstract, where you can convey an emotion, which I find amazing,” singer Bernard Sumner once commented, making no secret of his past musical endeavours: “If something I do now sounds like something I did in the past, it’s because I played it. I can’t help sounding like myself. That’s going to happen. The things that I play on guitar that resonate with me are probably the same things that resonated with me when I started playing in Joy Division.”

“If you’re a lead singer, then you can’t afford to be sensitive. On stage, everyone looks at the lead singer, even if you don’t want them to – in America, they have those massive follow spots on you all the time; it does your head in. So, if you are a lead singer and you don’t toughen up, you’re in the wrong job, and you have to get out.”

For now though, stream the record, below.