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(Credit: Daniel Topete)


Is new music from Fontaines DC on the way?

Dublin post-punk group Fontaines DC have smashed their way into the ears of a generation of angsty unsettled youth with their unique take on the punk tradition. 

The unrelenting power of their heavy, yet accessible debut album Dogrel led to the band receiving a wealth of accolades, pushing the group through the past three years with staggering momentum.

With their second album, A Hero’s Death released in July 2020, I had begun to wonder in recent weeks when we might be blessed with new music from the Irish rockers. The band had caused a ripple of excitement back in September after they confirmed that they had finished recording their third album in March 2021. 

After a few quiet months, it has now been suggested that we can expect the new album very soon with the release of one of the singles imminent. The bassist Conor Deegan III said of the album in an interview with NME: “The third album is really good,” he said, adding: “We thought we’d got this sound that was finally the sound that we wanted to get across the songs, which we thought was quite poppy.” However, upon showing the demos to the band’s manager, he said: “Lads, this is the darkest shit you’ve ever written!”. 

So, it seems we can’t be exactly clear on what this new album might sound like, but the wait is nearly over. Last week, Fontaines DC posted a video link to indicate the release of a brand new single called ‘Skinty Fia’ which is set to be launched tomorrow (11th January) at 6pm.

See the clip, below/