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A new 'Lost Boys' remake is in the works

Starring the likes of Corey Feldman and Kiefer Sutherland, Joel Schumacher’s 1987 cult classic The Lost Boys is a hilarious romp following the story of two brothers who believe that their new town is inhabited by vampires. Although it wasn’t a critical success, the film was a profitable venture and became a beloved part of popular culture.

“It was very much ‘Goonies Go Vampire,” Schumacher recalled while talking about the intentions when The Lost Boys was initially in production planning. He commented: “Charming and adorable, and very G-rated, the farthest thing that could be in my consciousness…I wanted to make a movie that I would want to see.”

“There was a bit of a shame factor at Warner Bros,” Schumacher added. “People in marketing would say, ‘Well, it’s not really a vampire movie, Joel, it’s really an alienation movie, it’s about the disenfranchised.’ And I said, ‘No. We absolutely are making a teenage vampire movie. Our job is to make the coolest vampire movie ever made.’” 

Schumacher revealed that the vampire theme was an oral-sex metaphor. “Dracula dresses in dinner clothes,” the director explained. “Quite elegant. And he appears at the windows of beautiful young women, where he systematically sucks the fluid from their body, making them his slaves. What else could it be a metaphor for? And vampires can be gorgeous.”

Warner Bros is making a remake of the enigmatic cult classic The Lost Boys with stars like Noah Jupe and Jaeden Martel attached to the project. It is going to be directed by Jonathan Entwistle and will be based on a screenplay by Randy McKinnon.