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New Leonard Cohen poetry book announced

New Leonard Cohen poetry book announced

A new Leonard Cohen poetry book of unpublished work which was completed days before his death is set to be released.

The book, entitled The Flame is a collection of “largely from his unpublished poems and selections from his notebooks” will be published next October, according to The Guardian.

Cohen, whose poetry became notorious as these examples show, were another example of Cohen’s unbounded lyrical creativity. Before his passing in November 2016, Cohen turned back to his poetry book and completed a new string of work. “During the final months of his life, Leonard had a singular focus—completing this book,” said Robert Kory, Cohen’s former manager.

“The flame and how our culture threatened its extinction was a central concern…. Those of us who had the rare privilege of spending time with him during this period recognized that the flame burned bright within him to the very end. This book, finished only days before his death, reveals to all the intensity of his inner fire.”

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