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New Kurt Cobain exhibition arriving in Ireland


An exhibition showing a series of Kurt Cobain’s personal items is heading to Ireland’s Museum of Style Icons.

The museum, which is located on the outskirts of Dublin, will host items of Cobain’s such as childhood drawings, handwritten lyrics and articles of clothing.

“I have always been the most intimately informed of who my father was by my grandmother and aunts,” Frances Bean Cobain said in a statement sent to Reuters in regards to the exhibition.

“I am so ecstatic that their view of who Kurt was gets to be celebrated with Nirvana fans the world over.”

Earlier this week Far Out reported that an exhibition in Cobain’s hometown museum, the Aberdeen Museum of History, was destroyed by a fire so the news of a new show comes as welcomed positivity: “With this exhibition we hope to bring the focus back to Kurt’s roots, vision and artistic genius, to inspire everyone not to lose their creativity and childlike wonder,” his sister Kim Cobain said.

The exhibition opens July 19 and is set to run until September.