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Cannes 2022: A new Ken Loach film has been confirmed

Ken Loach is one of the greatest living filmmakers of our time, revered for his seminal masterpieces such as Kes and Poor Cow among many others. Even in recent years, Loach has showed no signs of slowing down by producing more acclaimed gems like I, Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You which have garnered a lot of praise.

Known for his sociopolitical vision of cinema, Loach has made several important contributions to contemporary discourses and he is now set to return to Cannes with a brand new project called The Old Oak. While Loach has often claimed that films aren’t equivalent to political movements, his cinema has definitely urged audiences to think along those lines.

In an interview, Loach explained how difficult it is to voice coherent outrage in the current landscape: “I think the most we can do, in the general noise that is the public debate, is to try and be one still, small voice (to use a biblical phrase) in the constant flow of media trash. You don’t have any grand illusions about what you can do.”

Adding, “Our cinema has always been colonised by the Americans. They think we speak their language and so we’re seen as like an outpost of their cinema, so it’s much more difficult for an independent indigenous cinema to thrive. Somebody may do two or three good films, and then people come along and wave fat cheques and they see that ‘progress’ is going to America.”

According to the details that have been released, Loach’s new film is set in an old coal-mining village whose economic frameworks have been completely destabilised after all the mines shut down. A striking portrait of the contrast between the tired elders who are clinging on to their fading values and the disillusioned youth, The Old Oak promises to be a fantastic cinematic experience.

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