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(Credit: Press)


New James Bond trailer announces cinema release date


For a while now, the latest James Bond instalment has been lingering in the background like the cinematic equivalent of English international football, leaving fans wondering whether it’s ever coming home after all. 

In fact, Daniel Craig has been free from his Bond-based workout routine and succumbing to the pitfalls of lockdown for so long that he has had to have his premiere tuxedo re-tailored at least five times now. 

The reason that the film has been so long in waiting is of course due to the pandemic, but this has also been confounded by the fact that the studios were determined to celebrate a cinema release for the film, which is a solid sign of quality. Also, with fewer blockbusters to contend with it presented a great commercial opportunity for the film. 

This tactic, however, attracted controversy after several cinemas claimed that they had been let down by the Bond franchise when the studio chose not to release it during the limited-capacity period when cinemas were struggling to get fans through the door. 

Thankfully, the latest action-packed trailer released for No Time To Die has finally revealed a release date. 

The blood, guts, thunder, finely cut suits, and timeless catchphrases on display in the rousing trailer will no doubt get fans excited, but it is the simple sign off of, “Only in cinemas October,” that will have the Bond fandom salivating the most. 

Check it out below.