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(Credit: Universal / YouTube)


First look a the new images of Jordan Peele film 'Nope'


After consistent success with the Oscar-winning thriller Get Out in 2017 followed by the complex social drama Us two years later, director Jordan Peele has quickly become one of the most sought after names in the film industry. His latest project, Nope, is finally due to hit cinema’s later this year, with the filmmaker hoping he’ll be able to capture the same thrill and excitement of his previous two efforts. 

Promising a trailer to be released on Sunday, February 13th, the first images from the brand new film have been released online, showing us several cryptic clues as to the nature of the forthcoming release. Featuring the likes of Steven Yeun, Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Barbie Ferreira, very little is known about Peele’s new horror film, with fans having only the poster of the film to go off, showing an ominous cloud trailing a string of bunting over a glowing town. 

Often exploring complex themes of social identity, race, class and more, what we can be sure of is that Peele’s new film will offer up a healthy dose of drama alongside its thought-provoking script. Giving audiences a cryptic glimpse at three new images before the release of the brand new trailer, we see Steven Yeun, Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, each in separate images, gazing up in horror toward the sky to an unknown evil. 

Quickly becoming one of 2022’s most anticipated releases, Nope is set to be released on July 22nd, with the publicity for the film promising a “new terror” from the contemporary master of horror. Along with the new images, Universal also released a short teaser that builds the hype around the brand new film, showing the influence of Jordan Peele whilst showing tiny clips of Nope.

(Credit: Universal / YouTube)
(Credit: Universal / YouTube)