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(Credit: Shelby Oaks)


New horror movie by YouTuber Chris Stuckmann breaks Kickstarter record


The YouTube movie critic Chris Stuckmann has been entertaining fans for years with his well-informed views about the landscape of cinema, but now he’s looking to go on the other side of the camera and direct a film of his own. 

The movie titled Shelby Oaks has become the most-funded horror film on Kickstarter just a few months into the campaign, with supporters having donated a total of $707,666 (as of March 22nd). A found-footage feature film both written and directed by Stuckmann, the film will be based on a fictional internet mystery about a group of missing paranormal enthusiasts. 

As described on the Kickstarter page, the production team describe the film: “Shot as a traditional feature, but with some elements of found footage, Shelby Oaks is a horror film about missing paranormal investigators (the paranormal paranoids), the dark legacy they uncovered, and the far-reaching effects their investigation has as Mia searches for her sister Riley, the lead paranormal investigator, 12 years later”. 

Produced by Aaron B. Koontz of Paper Street Pictures, the new film is inspired by such faux-documentary horrors as Lake Mungo, The Blair Witch Project and countless others. Mixing documentary techniques and handheld camerawork, Shelby Oaks is set to begin production in May with AMP International handling world sales of the project.

“Every dollar we are raising is going onto the screen,” said the producer Aaron Koontz, adding, “This is an ambitious script and day by day our scope and opportunities to help realize Chris’ vision become more and more tangible all because of this campaign. We knew we had something special, but this outpour of support has been absolutely humbling and so amazing to see”.

With YouTube-made Bo Burnham also seeing great success since his time on the platform, Stuckmann’s potential for greatness in the horror genre could signal a significant shift for the website, with its image growing as a legitimate artistic website.