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New Hands reveal 'first-of-its-kind' music video for 'Strange Attractor'

New Hands have revealed a ‘first-of-its-kind’ music video for ‘Strange Attractor’, comprised entirely of GIF files.

The ostentatious disco-punk track was shared by the band back in November, and now the Canadian outfit have revealed an accompanying video that aims to create an unique one-of-a-kind viewing experience each time it is watched.

When viewed on the band’s website the video is a GIF sequence that is randomly generated from a database of over 900 files.

The idea was conceived by drummer and visual artist Gord Bond who explained:

“It was the GIF format that intrigued me. Technically it is a picture file, but it allows for animation. To me this was an interesting dualism. The GIFs all contain some form of movement. Movement is critical to the song itself, it is constantly in motion.”

Check out our version below, or experience your very own here: