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New George Harrison quotes details difficult working relationship with Paul McCartney


A new book written by Beatles producer George Martin has unearthed quotes from George Harrison and a somewhat testing working relationship with Paul McCartney.

The new book, entitled ‘Sound Pictures: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin — The Later Years, 1966 – 2016’, discusses in depth the recording process of the iconic track ‘Hey Jude’ and McCartney’s unrelenting process of putting the song together.

The book, set for release on September 4th, is written by author Kenneth Womack and details direct quotes from Martin and the members of the Beatles. At one point, an excerpt from the book quotes Martin when describing the moment he entered Abbey Road on the second day of the ‘Hey Jude’ recording: “‘Hey Jude’ was quickly taking shape as a Beatles song of inordinate length,” it reads. “In the case of ‘Hey Jude,’” George later recalled, “when we were recording the track, I thought that we had made it too long. It was very much a Paul song, and I couldn’t understand what he was on about by just going round and round the same thing. And of course, it does become hypnotic.”

Delving deeper yet, the book explains how McCartney had flat refused assistance from Harrison on ‘Hey Jude’ and how the working relationship in the later years of the band had become a little formulated: “Personally, I’d found that for the last couple of albums,” Harrison said.

“The freedom to be able to play as a musician was being curtailed, mainly by Paul,” he added.

“Paul had fixed an idea in his brain as to how to record one of his songs. He wasn’t open to anybody else’s suggestions,” the book reads.

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You can read the full details here.