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New flat-pack cabins are reinventing escapism travel

A Canadian company has made it easier for people to create a snug shelter through a new flat-pack cabin, designed to pop up anywhere.

In an age where people want to escape the rat race of the city, this new and exciting development is a  to experience nature. Founded in Vancouver by company Backcountry Hut Company and inspired by the spirit of Canadian outdoor culture. The company’s approach was to assist in the design, planning and construction of prefabricated flat-pack that can be configured for a range of needs.

Speaking to Lonely Planet, Wilson Edgar, co-founder of Backcountry Hut Company said: “The Backcountry Hut system has been designed for ease of assembly. It allows groups or individuals to quickly construct the shell system in less than a week.”

“He added: “Part of our intention was to empower the buyer to participate in the building process. We feel that for urban people, this is a great opportunity to get out of their condos and live in a different spatial experience – inspired by the tradition of remote cabins,”

Starting at $200 (£156) Canadian per square foot, it is definitely a different kind of holiday. Their latest offering, ‘The Great Lakes Cabin’, has been designed to be placed in remote locations and, to be frank, it looks spectacular.

“The modular design of the structure allows you to increase the space as much as you like and adapt it for individual and community residential purposes,” the company said. “We collaborate with exceptional designers to offer fully customisable interiors and furniture for your home.”

Here it is:

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