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New Ennio Morricone documentary to be screened at the Venice Film Festival

Ennio Morricone is one of the most celebrated and decorated composers of all time, having worked with some of the greatest directors in history. The recipient of several prestigious accolades including a competitive Oscar, multiple Grammy Awards as well as Golden Globes and BAFTA wins, Morricone’s influence is incomparable. He hasn’t just inspired other composers like Hans Zimmer but also bands like Metallica and Radiohead.

In an upcoming documentary titled Ennio: The Maestro, the director of Cinema Paradiso – Giuseppe Tornatore will explore the life of the master composer in detail. Through interviews with him and other artists like Quentin Tarantino, Bernardo Bertolucci, Hans Zimmer and Bruce Springsteen, Ennio will attempt to provide valuable insights into the life of Morricone.

“I worked with Ennio Morricone for thirty years,” said Tornatore. “I made almost all my films with him, not to mention the documentaries, commercials and projects that we tried unsuccessfully to put together. During this time, our friendship was increasingly consolidated. Thus, film after film, as my understanding of his character as a man and an artist grew ever deeper, I always wondered what type of documentary I could make about him. And today my dream has come true.”

“I wanted to make Ennio to tell Morricone’s story to the audiences around the world who love his music,” Tornatore continued. “My intention was not just to have him tell me his life story and talk about his magical relationship with music, but also to search archives around the world for repertory interviews and other footage relative to the countless past collaborations between Morricone and the most important filmmakers of his career.”

While talking about the structure of the documentary, Tornatore had this to say: “I structured Ennio as an audio-visual novel that relied on clips from films for which he composed the music, repertory images and concerts, to introduce the spectator to the formidable existential and artistic career of one of the most beloved musicians of the twentieth century.”

The documentary will premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival in an out of competition screening.