Credit: Gerald Fearnley/ACC Edition

New documentary explores the early years of David Bowie’s career


A new documentary depicting the life of David Bowie entitled ‘The First Five Years’ is in production.

The new insight will serve as the prequel to previous documentaries ‘David Bowie: Five Years’ and ‘David Bowie: The Last Five Years’ which were previously shown on the BBC.

The new footage comes alongside an unearthed document which has been found within the BBC Archives. The filming was shot after a BBC audition on Tuesday 2 November 1965 with a band called David Bowie and the Lower Third.

BBC Two Controller Patrick Holland said in a statement: “Francis Whately has already created two stunning films about transformative chapters in the extraordinary life of David Bowie. This third film completes that trilogy with the most important and surprising period, the first five years. We are delighted to play it in BBC Two.”

The film will also feature previously unseen footage alongside rare interviews with friends and colleagues who knew him best.

For now, here’s the document which has just been released: