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(Credit: Joop van Bilsen / Anefo)


New biopic about The Beatles manager Brian Epstein has come to a halt

It was announced last year that a brand new biopic called Midas Man was in the works about the famous manager of The Beatles, Brian Epstein, who was often regarded as ‘The Fifth Beatle’ by many fans. The production company had confirmed that the director of the black metal film Lords of Chaos Jonas Akerlund was going to helm the project.

“Brian Epstein’s story has everything I’m looking for in a story … it’s all about Brian’s singularity for me,” Akerlund said in a statement to Variety. “I love that Brian seemed to know every step of the way what no one else knew, he saw things that no one else saw. His vision was astonishing, he created a culture that didn’t exist. The film is more like touring Brian’s mind and what it was like to be him than how one thing led to another chronologically. I want to bring him back to life.”

However, recent reports have surfaced which state that the production of Midas Man has come to a screeching halt due to various differences between the director and the production company. The company has already started conversations with other directors while simultaneously serving termination notices to crew members.

“The director of Midas Man Jonas Akerlund is taking a break from the film,” the production told Deadline. “Until some matters become clearer, we are not able to add any further comment to this statement. In the meantime, we can confirm that filming of Midas Man will continue in London in November before breaking for Christmas. Filming will restart in early January in Los Angeles.”

Although most details about the story have been kept under wraps, the official synopsis says that Epstein is an integral part of the history of The Beatles: “His story adds depth and dimension to the explosion of rock and roll and many artists other than The Beatles, deepening and enriching the cultural heft of this shared inheritance by creating a new way of seeing the sixties and the impact that Liverpool had on the world, through his bands, artists and their music.”

The film, which was being shot in London, Liverpool and in the US, was set for a 2021 release but recent developments might change that. The production company has insisted that the finances are still ready for the completion of the film.