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"New bands aren't good enough to headline festivals," say Kasabian


Kasabian don’t believe new and emerging bands have the quality to headline major festivals.

The band, fresh from headlining Isle Of Wight Festival 2018, were drawn into a debate about rock and roll bands no longer being the bi draw for festivals.

For many festivals, the money is being sent on bringing older and more recognisable acts to their headline slots, to which Kasabian lead singer Tom Meighan answered: “They ain’t good enough, I don’t think they’ve got many big songs, you know what I mean?” in regards to new bands. “If you’re a big band you have big songs, it’s simple as that isn’t it, that’s how I look at rock and roll, it’s obvious isn’t it?”

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno added: “It’s the follow-up record, it’s amazing debuts and amazing starts but the second and third it starts to… it’s hard for everyone though, anyone that’s a songwriter, anyone that’s in a band, to maintain at a level.

“It’s not easy, but it’s there, if anyone wants it it’s there, you’ve just got to come and get it.”