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(Credit: Cher Instagram)


The new A24 movie Cher calls the “best thing ever”

Known as the ‘Goddess of Pop’, there are few personalities that hold the same level of pop grandeur as the American singer and actress Cher. 

Gaining popularity in 1965 as part of the folk duo Sonny & Cher, the pair found international fame with the song ‘I Got You Babe’ which peaked at number one on US and UK charts upon its release. Selling 40 million records worldwide, Cher later established herself as a solo artist with the tunes ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ and ‘You Better Sit Down Kids’ that gained popularity in the late 1960s.

This was merely the start of her rise to cultural prominence, however, continuing to release music at the same time as she made her Broadway debut in the play Come Back to the 5 & Dime in 1982, gaining significant critical acclaim for her work. 

At the end of the 20th century in 1998, she would release the album Believe, which helped establish her as one of the best female performers of the era, pioneering the use of auto-tune to distinctly distort her vocals. Finding success across each discipline she chooses to lend her creativity to, from music to theatre to cinema, Cher continues to prove herself as a truly special artistic talent. 

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As such, she remains a key figure in popular culture, with her gravitating majesty attracting thousands of fans from across the globe who hold a keen ear to the ground whenever for her opinion on contemporary entertainment.

Such an opinion came recently when Cher took to Twitter to praise the release of the A24 movie Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. 

“OH, THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING EVER!!” the musician tweeted out to her followers in energetic all-caps. Adding several emojis, she also suggested that the film makes you laugh and cry. 

Based on the director’s own short film of the same name, this loveable, partly-animated, new movie tells the story of a mollusc named Marcel who is interviewed throughout the film about their thoughts on life and aspirations to find their family. 

There are few production companies doing more for independent cinema in the contemporary industry than A24, bringing some of the finest small-budget projects to the forefront of public view, with the company now ubiquitous with cinema’s most exciting arthouse releases. Building an impressive library of truly challenging titles, A24 are becoming the adversaries of Disney, ploughing for industry change, rather than feeding off its embarrassment of commercial riches. 

A24 have made such evolutions through a wide range of genres and styles, tackling the coming of age comedy in Ladybird, Arthurian legend in The Green Knight and now charming animation in Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.