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(Credit: Dimension Films)


Neve Campbell to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott in the upcoming 'Scream' reboot


In the biggest news yet for fans of slasher horror franchise Scream, Neve Campbell has been confirmed for a return to Woodsboro and will reprise her role as Sidney Prescott.

Campbell, who has been the lead in all four of Wes Craven’s films since Scream‘s inception in 1996, will this time work alongside Radio Silence directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett for the upcoming picture. “After spending time speaking with Radio Silence, they have shown such love, respect and admiration for Wes Craven and all that he’s created in the Scream franchise,” Campbell said in a statement. “I am beyond excited to step back into the role of Sidney Prescott and return to Woodsboro.”

The new effort, the fifth instalment of the project, is being produced by Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Production who have already recruited James Vanderbilt to write the screenplay. “We’re pinching ourselves,” Radio Silence told Bloody Disgusting.”It’s hard to express how much the character Sidney Prescott shaped our love of movies and to have the chance to work with Neve is truly a dream come true. It just wouldn’t be a Scream movie without Neve and we’re so excited and honoured to join her in Woodsboro.”

The latest news of Campbell’s return follows a trend for the franchise who, in a recent statement, confirmed that Courteney Cox will also be reprising her role as the news reporter character Gale Weathers for the reboot.

Cox, who first appeared in the franchises first effort in 1996, has gone on to make appearances in all four Scream films which were all directed by the late filmmaker Wes Craven. “We can’t imagine Scream without the iconic Gale Weathers and are so incredibly thrilled and humbled to have the opportunity to work with Courteney,” Radio Silence told Deadline.

“We’re absolute mega fans of her work and we’re so excited to join her in the next chapter of the Scream saga!”

To complete the reunion, Cox’s co-star and ex-husband, David Arquette, who also reprises his role as Sheriff Dwight ‘Dewey’ Riley.