Exploring Netflix's 'Tiger King', Joe Exotic, with his six wildest music videos
(Credit: Netflix)

Exploring Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’, Joe Exotic, with his six wildest music videos

Tiger King has become the latest Netflix sensation which is largely thanks to the enigmatic larger than life character that is Joe Exotic. It is undoubtedly the most bizarre programme that the streaming service has ever concocted to date and, somehow, it continually finds a way to get wilder each episode. Here, we take a look at some of his finest music videos which are as unsurprising and absurd as you’d expect.

A key characteristic of Exotic’s makeup, one which makes him so compelling, is his quest for stardom and how he will do anything to conquer fame. Ranging from running for President to producing a number of powerful country ballads, Exotic’s music has finally started garnering the world attention he’s always wanted in last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, these anthems have been marred in controversy as The Los Angeles Times reported that a lot of the songs Exotic released were not written by him nor does he actually sing on the records. Disappointingly, it was claimed that Exotic action sings slightly over the top of pre-recorded vocal recordings by artists that he has paid to make the songs for him. The newspaper writes: “the actual recordings of his albums were farmed out to songwriter Vince Johnson and singer Danny Clinton, each of who are credited for ‘Archival Footage’ in the docuseries.”

The report continues: “The two apparently had no idea Exotic was going to straight-up pretend he sang them on record, and Exotic’s inability to perform them in person was something of a running joke during the filming of Tiger King.”

For now, at least, let’s forget about the intricacies of who wrote or sang them and just enjoy the masterpieces that Exotic has, in some ways, created.

‘Here Kitty Kitty’

Perhaps Exotic’s finest hour, here the Oklahoma maverick escalates his feud Carole Baskin by implying she fed her husband to her tigers with a real lack of nuance.

In the video, Exotic even pays for a Baskin lookalike to appear in the clip to feed pieces of meat to the cats and showcases a level of pettiness that even Wiley could learn a thing or two from.

‘I Saw A Tiger’

This beauty is an ode to the Tiger King’s one true love and, in a typically bizarre juxtaposition, also acts as a political anthem.

Exotic, defiantly singing about being targeted by new laws which would ban him from his exploits, then inexplicably compares the tigers’ potential fate to that of the holocaust. The three-and-a-half-minute masterpiece also features a green-screened storm where Exotic is valiantly standing on a Chevrolet despite the extreme weather, tear wrenching stuff.


‘Because You Love Me’

Heartwarming stuff from Joe as he mixes it up with a more contemporary beat and moves away from his traditional country sound we all know and love.

The gamble certainly paid off and sees Exotic produce what could be the sound of the summer plus the video sees him play with snakes because, well, why not?

‘This Is My Life’

I’m going to put it out there… ‘This Is My Life’ is Exotic’s equivalent of David Bowie’s Blackstar.

Here, we find Joe in a reflective and sombre mood as he examines his past misdemeanours and how they have made him the man he is today. The lyrical content makes it sound like he is on his deathbed and we even see him shed a tear in the video as he contemplates the life he’s led.

‘My First Love’

This one is a heartbreaking ballad which is dedicated to former husband Joe Finlay, we see Exotic in a desperate state begging for Finlay to return home.

There is no crying from Exotic this time round however as he is wearing a pair of Oakley sports shades despite it being in the depths of mid-winter.

‘Pretty Woman Lover’

Like all the greats, Exotic can create art from another persons perspective and he does so in ‘Pretty Women Lover’ where the openly gay Joe who was married to multiple men at the time of recording, plays a womaniser.

The video opens with him riding a motorbike followed by a shot of Exotic hand in hand with two bikini-clad women. ‘Pretty Women Lover’ also marks the return of Joe’s signature, the green-screened storm, while he defiantly stands on an object in this video, in this case, however, he is super-imposed on the roof of a closed tattoo shop with a crowd of women harassing him like he’s one of The Beatles.

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