Nelly is being sued for sexual assault and defamation

Hip hip and R&B star Nelly is being sued for sexual assault and defamation.

In Octover Nelly – real name Cornelle Iral Haynes, Jr. – was arrested on suspicion of rape in the second degree by his accuser Monique Greene. However, the case was thrown out earlier this month as Green refused to testify against the musician in court. Green claimed she felt she could not “stand up against a celebrity and that the criminal system would fail her,” according to a report issued by her lawyer.

Now, in a legal dispute which was filed on Monday, 22-year-old Ms Greene has claimed that Nelly invited her to an after-party following a meeting at one of his shows and that she was then driven to his tour bus. It was in a bedroom at the back of the vehicle that she claims the assault took place.

“Nelly has sought to restore his reputation due to his arrest for sexually assaulting Ms Greene by defaming her,” said her lawyer Karen Koehler.

Following the development, 43-year-old Nelly has issued a new statement via his own lawyer: “Nelly will answer and proceed with a counter suit against her for her outrageous unfounded allegations.