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(Credit: Takahiro Kyono)


Neil Young shares 'Vacancy', the latest single from his unreleased 1974 record 'Homegrown'


One week from now something will happen that should’ve happened way back in 1974—Neil Young will release his never before heard and previously assumed “lost” album Homegrown.

To celebrate, Young has shared the new single from the record, the brilliant ‘Vacancy’. As we get ready for next week’s release we can sit back and listen to this gem.

The track comes as part of a successful period for Neil Young. His courageous politics have seen him align himself to a new generation and likewise, he’s now gaining more fans than ever.

Part of that may be due to Young’s at least perceived solidarity with not only the Black Lives Matter movement but basically any good cause he sees fit to support—but a large chunk is down to the music.

As well as announcing that he would be sharing his previously assumed lost album Homegrown Young has also been keeping himself busy and us entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown with a series of Fireside Sessions.

As we await the new/old album, we can at least sit back with a cold one and listen to his latest track from that record, ‘Vacancy’.