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Credit: Stoned59/Ирина Лепнёва


Listen to Neil Young and Tom Petty cover Bob Dylan song 'Everything is Broken'


We’re digging into the Far Out Magazine vault to look back at two musical icons sharing a stage as Tom Petty joins Neil Young for a Bob Dylan cover we won’t forget in a long time.

The Bridge School Benefit has provided some incredible moments of its tenure but it’s hard to match the wonderful performance these two giants of Americana provide on the stage back in 1989.

The Bridge School Benefit Concert will go down as one of the most well-furnished charity gigs of all time. Sure Live Aid and the like will always grab the headlines but Neil and Pegi Young’s annual event had one of the most impressive list of guests you’re ever likely to see.

From the likes of David Bowie to Thom Yorke and absolutely everyone in between, the school has welcomed some esteemed guests. The chances are if you’re a musician and have made friends with Neil Young along the road, you will, at some point, have taken part in the Bridge School Benefit Concert.

Created by Neil Young and wife Pegi, the annual charity event is a fundraiser for the students of the school which specialises in the care of physically and communicatively impaired students.

Taking place in Mountain View, California, Tom Petty arrived at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in 1989 to perform for the Bridge School Benefit, shortly after it began for a stellar performance. While Petty’s set was impressive on its own it was his duet with Young—a common theme for the show, with Young, often jumping on stage to perform—that really grabbed attention.

In particular, it was Petty and Young’s cover of their friend Bob Dylan’s song ‘Everything is Broken’. Taken from Dylan’s album Oh Mercy, which had been released that year, Petty and Young do a fine job of making their own version sing and shine. The duo works effortlessly together and offers up a vision of what a Travelling Wilburys with Neil Young could have been.

You can listen to Tom Petty and Neil Young;’s cover of Bob Dylan song ‘Everything Is Broken’ from The Bridge School Benefit in 1989.