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Neil Young set to release "lost" 1982 album 'Johnny's Island'


Neil Young continues to bring a little bit of sunshine through the crack in our lockdown windows. The singer hasn’t just been keeping us entertained with his Fireside Sessions but has also dropped a few releases too. Now, we have the latest.

Young has announced that he will be releasing the previously “lost” album from 1982 Johnny’s Island. The singer has been releasing a lot of music from his fabled archives and the latest has got fans particularly excited.

The archives project has seen Neil Young reconnecting with his work from the past. Bringing out rarely heard demos, as well as previously unreleased whole albums, the project, has been a wild success.

The latest edition of that project sees Johnny’s Island get its first release. Recorded at the Commerical Recorders studio in Hawaii back in 1982, the LP revisits a peculiar time for Young. The record has a similar sound to Trans, having employed much of the same crew.

Originally titled Island in the Sun, the new release from Young will be another welcomed release for his fans. “Johnny’s Island a complete album now being prepared for release at NYA, includes a majority of unreleased tracks including ‘Big Pearl,’ ‘Island In The Sun,’ and ‘Love Hotel,’ plus others you may have heard before,” read a statement from the Neil Young Archives website.

Adding: “It’s a beautiful record coming to you soon.”

It’s not the first time that Young has spoken about the album. In an interview with Mojo back in 1995, Young stated: “It was a tropical thing all about sailing, ancient civilisations, islands and water,” and that he had offered the LP to Geffen before Trans was released.

‘Like An Inca’, ‘Hold On To Your Love’, and ‘Little Thing Called Love,’ would all be songs from the Johnny’s Island sessions that would feature on Trans. Listen to ‘Like An Inca’, below.