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Credit: YouTube


A blissed-out Neil Young jams 'Out On The Weekend' in rare home footage

We’re revisiting some rare footage of Neil Young, seemingly a little strung out, playing his classic track ‘Out On The Weekend’ on the banjo.

The track marks Young’s progression from band member to the principal artist and here he is every bit the archetypal rock star. Spaced-out and warm, Young offers up a delightful performance of the track despite his glazed eyes and unstoppable smile. It makes for a blissful rendition of the song.

Young would go on to have much wilder successes than he had ever have imagined during his time in Buffalo Springfield and, taking his creative vision to the next level, he prolifically started making music with the release of two full albums in 1969. Comprised of his self-titled debut and his debut collaborative album with Crazy Horse just four months later, which would later go platinum, Neil Young had arrived at the main stage.

By 1970, Young had the world at his feet. Continuing his momentum, he didn’t disappoint when the was pressure on and he delivered his near faultless full-length effort, After The Gold Rush, which was adored by fans and critics alike who were blown away by his poetic tongue. But it was on Harvest, the following album, which cemented Young as a star.

You wouldn’t have thought it form this rare footage of Young in his home in the early seventies. While we can’t quite date this clip (answers on a postcard) the singer-songwriter floats in a lounging area as he casually strums on the banjo, performing one of his most iconic songs, ‘Out On The Weekend’.

There’s a gentle irony that comes from Young singing about trying to stay in a girl he loves’ head while seemingly out of his own but it’s beautifully balanced by pure and humble performance. Lying on his back staring up at who knows what, Young delicately treats his small audience to a unique performance.

Watch that very performance below as Neil Young gives a blessed out rendition of ‘Out On The Weekend in at-home footage.