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(Credit: Per Ole Hagen)


Neil Young sings protest songs in his latest Fireside Sessions set


Neil Young’s latest Fireside Sessions set saw the singer-songwriter perform some favoured protest songs from his porch including Bob Dylan’s ‘The Times They Are A-Changin”.

The legendary singer hasn’t given us one of his brilliant livestream performances from his ranch in a few weeks and we’ve all been a little disappointed about it. Luckily, the singer heeded our internal cries and has produced one of his best.

A lot has changed in the weeks between Neil Young’s latest Fireside Sessions and the singer, never afraid to throw his hat in the ring has taken to the stage (his porch) and delivered a charged set full of protest songs as well as some obscure deep cuts.

Opening up the performance with ‘Alabama’ and ‘Campaigner’, Young had set the scene. It was the first time the latter has been played since 2008. There was also a 2006 Bush-adjacent ‘Lookin’ For A Leader’ with some lyrics modernised for the upcoming election.

Another stand out moment came when Young took on Bob Dylan’s anthem ‘The Times They Are A-Changin” solo for the first time in his career, having performed the song with Bob in 1988.

The 33-minute session, aptly titled Porch Episode was, as ever, directed by his wife Daryl Hannah and works as the perfect reminder to catch up on Young’s previously unreleased album from 1974, Homegrown.

In the record, originally recorded in 1974, Young is a vociferous champion of the common man and it would seem it hasn’t changed much since then. Watch the Porch Episode here.