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(Credit: Gage Skidmore / Tore Sætre)


Neil Young takes aim at Donald Trump with new version of 'Lookin' For A Leader'


Neil Young looks set to be on a collision course with Donald Trump. The singer, who recently became an American citizen, has been making his feelings known about the 45th President and hasn’t been shy about his disdain for the US President.

Much of that has been the result of Trump’s campaign continuing to use Young’s song ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ at his rallies, which has seen the musician publically request the president to stop using his music or face legal action.

“I am changing my mind about suing President Trump,” Young began the open letter discussing Trump’s use of his songs. “Reconsidering. I’m looking at it again. There is a long history to consider and I originally considered it, deciding not to pursue. But then President Trump ordered thugs in uniform onto our streets. His idea. He ordered it himself. This is all DJT.”

Now, Young has fired some shots across the bow as he has updated his 2006 song ‘Lookin’ For A Leader’ as part of his ongoing Fireside Sessions.

Originally released on 2006’s Living With War, the track was intended for George W. Bush’s administration but now Young has adapted the song to fit the new government.

The new version of ‘Lookin’ For A Leader’ comes complete with a video directed by his wife Daryl Hannah. You can find the full video here and find the newly updated lyrics below.