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(Credit: Graham Berry)


Neil Young confirms 1970 Carnegie Hall show will be released as his first ‘bootleg’


Neil Young has revealed that the gig he played at New York’s Carnegie Hall in 1970 will be the first release from his upcoming Official Bootleg series

The solo show, which took place just three months after the release of After the Gold Rush on December 4th, has never been released by Young despite the recording gaining notoriety among avid fans of the musician in the years that have followed.

“There was one at 8:00 pm and one at midnight [the next night]. No one got that first one — the first time I walked onstage at Carnegie Hall, blowing my own 25-year-old mind,” he wrote on his official website.

Adding: “This one — Carnegie Hall, December 4th, 1970, is very special to me.”

The performance remains a particularly poignant one for Neil Young who, at the time, was at the height of his fame and his prolific delivery of hit songs continued to expand. In preparation for the live performance at Carnegie Hall, the musician flew his patterns Scott Young and Rassy Young to New York to see him play. “We sat, I guess, like visitors from another world,” Scott Young wrote in his 1984 book Neil and Me.

“But once the place was dark, we could all see this dark form approaching the front of the stage and then the spotlight came on him: tall and thin, blue jeans, checkered shirt, work boots, dark straight hair to his shoulders or beyond, two acoustic guitars on a rack beside a plain wooden chair, a concert piano to his let. Moving gingerly as if his back was bothering him. No music to play except the songs in his head, all his own.”

Enjoy a taster, below.