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(Credit: Xavier Badosa / Graham Berry)


Hear Neil Young's new cover of Bob Dylan classic 'The Times They Are A-Changin''


As Neil Young continues to deliver his series of covers and performances of old favourites known through the ‘Fireside Sessions’, his latest is a cover of a Bob Dylan classic.

Recorded in June of this year, the clip, which you can listen to in full here, sees Neil Young provide a faithful rendition of the Dylan song ‘The Times They Are A-Changin” as Young continues to use music to make a statement.

The Reprise singer has been using his Fireside Sessions and growing social media presence to make staunch political statements about the current US government as the election nears.

There’s perhaps no greater moment of this musical activism than this cover of Bob Dylan’s seminal protest anthem. Originally released in 1964, the track has consistently been used to show the discontent of a generation ever since and Young does another fine job here.

Using just a guitar and a harmonica, the song is remarkably honest and vulnerable. It allows not only the words of the song, which for any Dylan track is always the most important thing, but Young’s vocal to shine.

The new performance comes following news that Young will be set to share three previously unreleased sets this year. The biggest of which, Neil Young Archives Vol.2 has been promised since 2009.

The singer previously suggested Vol. 2 would be “full of albums that weren’t there before — stuff I did that I never put out”.

Below listen to Bob Dylan and Neil Young share the stage back in 1975.