Natural Child - Laid, Paid and Strange


About as apologetic as an Israeli missile, today’s selection comes rip roaring across land and sea to pacify all in its wake. ‘Laid, Paid, and Strange’ by Nashville Rock & Roll rebels Natural Child is our Track of the Day and could be, if you’re lucky, a song you won’t massively relate to after the weekend finishes!

Signed to Californian crusaders Burger Records, these boys have kicking up a fuss since 2009 and will hopefully, if the great guitarist in the sky permits, continue to drag their Stones, Stooges and Natural Child mash-ups well into the New Year and many more beyond.

Musically ‘Laid, Paid and Strange’ exudes everything you would expect from such a title; for the most part it’s a non complex- few chord cannon ball of a tune reflecting the simple desires of many developed Y chromosomes. Vocally, it’s like our man has shoved New York Dolls’ David Johansen, Joey Ramone and Mick Jagger into a blender and gulped down every last drop of style and, to be honest, you could say that about the exceptional way this real punky, rock & roll number rides through the airwaves. With bouts of screeching lead the sentiment is well and truly rammed home as I envisage the desperate yearns and pleading calls of all in need of lady luck’s light.

Loaded with tonnes of audacity apparent in Iggy efforts like ‘Cock In My Pocket’ this horny hedonistic quip could quite well be the perfect anthem for people sick of imposed austerity and the painstaking way it denies such simple pleasures. Alternatively, it’s a tune for all you cheeky bastards.

Cheers Natural Child, this is a stormer!

Joshua Hevicon