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Natassia Malthe: "Harvey Weinstein raped me after Bafta Awards ceremony"

Actress Natassia Malthe has become the latest woman to come forward and detail allegations of rape against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Following the latest allegations of sexual harassment and assault, Malthe explained to a press conference in New York how Weinstein raped her in a London hotel after a Bafta awards ceremony.

Malthe claims that Weinstein forced himself into her room at the Sanderson Hotel in London after the 2008 Bafta Awards and started masturbating in front of her while sitting on the bed. Malthe then explains how Weinstein forcefully climbed on top of her, had sex with her while she “played dead” without wearing a condom, before ejaculating on her and then leaving the room.

“It was not consensual. He did not use a condom. However, he did not ejaculate inside me. After having sexual intercourse, he masturbated,” she said. “I believe I dissociated during the time he was having sex with me. I played dead.”

“I laid still and closed my eyes and just wanted it to end. I was like a dead person. Afterwards, I lay there in complete disgust. I had experienced sexual harassment from other powerful men in Hollywood, but my experiences with Harvey were the worst,” Malthe added.

Soon after the incident, the actress called and asked her to audition for the upcoming film Nine, luring her to a hotel room where he asked her to join in a threesome in a Los Angeles hotel. After refusing, Weinstein told her the only way to make it in Hollywood was to have sex with him.